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Tim Furlong
Executive Producer

Tim Furlong has written, directed and executive produced television for channels such as Nat Geo, CMT, History, TruTV, TLC, Nickelodeon among others. His plays have been produced in various theaters around LA. He is currently co-producing a feature-length Latin American thriller, and has worked as an ESL teacher and interpreter of Spanish and French for the State of California.

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Tim Furlong

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Varuna has successfully produced series for History, Animal Planet, Country Music Television, Oxygen, TruTV, and Discovery networks. Recent series include TLC's "Pawn Queens" and CMT's "Trick My What with John Schneider". Varuna delivered over 60 episodes of Country Music Television's biggest hit ever, "Trick My Truck", which still airs today.

Founded in 2000 by Al Bazzy, Varuna Entertainment is a full service production company that quickly became a trusted source of entertaining and compelling television. Vice President Rob Zazzali and Executive Producers Tim Furlong and John Griffin continue to develop visionary programming with unparalleled production value.

ABOUT / Executive Team

Al Bazzy

Al Bazzy, a successful entrepreneur from Michigan, went straight from business management school to running a business, overseeing twelve locations with more than 67 employees. He is always pursuing the next big challenge, with successful new business ventures in an incredibly diverse portfolio.

Al started in the entertainment business in 1997, shooting his first feature film "UP Michigan" on HD when the industry was still questioning the medium.  He brought his distinctive style and savvy to Varuna Entertainment, which he built into a full-service production company providing unique and exciting programming for major cable nets.  Recent seasons as EP include History’s “Deep Sea Salvage,” TruTV’s “Ski Patrol”, CMT’s  "Trick My Truck", "Trick My What", "The Drive", "Home Blitz", TLC’s "Pawn Queens", Discovery’s "What A Tool" and more...

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Al Bazzy

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Rob Zazzali
Vice President & Executive Producer

With over 15 years experience in the entertainment industry, Rob Zazzali has become a trusted show runner and storyteller with a keen eye for talent and truth. Together with longtime partner, Al Bazzy, Rob continues to ensure the same hands-on ethic that the company was founded upon. Experience behind camera, in the edit bay and directing in the field have informed and enhanced his skills as a creator, developer and executor of ideas.

Rob credits his success as an Executive Producer to the talented people he has assembled over the years. His belief is that Varuna and its product go only as a far as the their team will take them. While great content is predicated on great ideas and on-camera talent, a vision is only achieved with all of the right moving parts. Each producer, cinematographer, editor and assistant is integral to Varuna's success of navigating the constantly changing entertainment landscape.

Rob was lucky to be raised in a big family on the Shores of Jersey and is prouder than ever of his home state. Those family values influence his work every day. He holds a Bachelor of Arts from Georgetown University and gained fluency in Spanish while living in Madrid. He worked with the Forensic Detectives of the Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office before moving to Los Angeles.

Aside from their unique industry monopoly on the letter Z, it is Bazzy and Zazzali's core principles of collaboration and creativity that truly set Varuna apart in the business.

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Rob Zazzali


  • Animal Planet
  • CMT
  • Discovery
  • History
  • TLC
  • TRU TV